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      Integrity, passion, professionalism, respect and cooperation

      Address: No. 1000, North of Shengzhou Avenue, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
      Tel: +86-575-83123228
      Fax: +86-575-83101736
      E-mail: hr@alkpharm.cn
      URL: http://www.vnmingle.com

      The current position : Home  ?   About us   ?   Cultural concept
      •   Our mission

        Our mission

        Produce safe medicine that everyone can afford.

      • Our vision

        Our vision

        Healthy development, top 100 industries, maintaining cost and technology leadership, maintaining product and service innovation.

      • Operation principle

        Operation principle

        Quality determines survival, technology makes the future.

      • Our responsibility

        Our responsibility

        Customer Responsibility: Provide customers with high value-added products and services

        Employee responsibility: Provide a challenging, user-friendly growth environment and competitive salary

        Social responsibility: To be a corporate citizen with a full sense of social responsibility

        Shareholder responsibility: Maximize the long-term interests of shareholders

      • Core value

        Core value

        ◆ Integrity    We should all be honest, keep our promises, be kind to others, and be trusted by others. It can establish and maintain the good reputation of the company and individuals, improve operational efficiency, and reduce communication transaction costs.


        ◆ Passion   We can challenge ourselves, set and achieve goals with passion, continue to innovate, take responsibility, and be good at managing risks.


        ◆ Specialty    We need to invest resources and enthusiasm in the target area to become experts and leaders. Providing professional services to others through standardized behaviors and business processes. Becoming an expert in the field.


        ◆ Respect    We accept and recognize each other's characteristics, regardless of gender, age and position, can be respected and understood by us. The company creates a fair and open atmosphere, and can effectively stimulate the potential of others. Those who are respected can improve the efficiency of the company.


        ◆ Cooperation   We need to believe in the strength of the team, support, understand and share with each other, and create a team atmosphere.

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